In July 2011, Alexandra Kiesel was the first DfT protégé of patron Marc Jacobs. With her graduate collection “Baukasten Individualisten” the then up-and-coming designer was named “Designer for Tomorrow 2011” by the Jury Board around Mr. Jacobs during the award show. So much has happened since that day. As the DfT winner she presented her new collection the following January at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. With success. “Support your local heroes” has been ordered by national as well as international buyers. At Berlin Fashion Academy ESMOD she raises the coming designers-for-tomorrow.

Now, we are happy to introduce Baukasten, Part 3: “Vom Bauen von Mode” (about building fashion) For her third collection “Vom Bauen von Mode” Alexandra Kiesel continues the “Baukasten system” she is known and loved for. This specially developed system is the conceptual foundation of every KIESEL collection. Thereby, the designer looks out for constantly recurring proportions in the fashion of past decades. Based on this historic studies she defines different parts of the body that are transferred into variable modules and can then be put together to individual outfits. Just like a set of building blocks. In art, it have been constructivists like Kasimir Malewitsch who tried to reduce design to its basics. In fashion, it is Alexandra Kiesel. Her third collection is hugely inspired by russian constructivism of the 1920s – Alexander Rodtschenko’s advertising design and Warwara Stepanova’s paintings (Rodtschenko’s wife) inspired the collection’s strong graphic tone and special textures.

What better place to find for the first presentation of this collection than Russia?! On December 8, 2012, Alexandra presented her creations in the context of the “german year” in St. Petersburg supported by the Goethe Institute. Place of action: the cultural center “Krasnoe Snamja” – Red Flag. The event was all about german fashion brought to Russia. First on was the fashion show by KIESEL followed by a panel discussion about conceptual fashion design with german Alexandra. The designer enacts her own rules when it comes to fashion design and she enacts her own rules when it comes to her fashion show. More a performance than a show, the models came down the catwalk via a flat conveyor instead of walking, lining up at the end of the runway where the whole group of models was wrapped in cling film. The consumption-critical performance was developed in cooperation with product designer Stefanie Buehlmeier and artist Jan Vormann.


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